Ecological Project
Clean Hands, Clean Rivers
Our non-profit fund was established in 2018 with the assistance of "Ecoinstrument" LLC. Our ecological project has united scientists, researchers, public figures, activists, volunteers and socially responsible businesses. Our main goal is to do our best to preserve Russia's natural, river-based ecosystems, to be passed on to the future generations.
Russia is a country of rivers

Water resources of Russia are enormous: our country has 20 percent of the world's fresh water resources. Russia could easily be referred to as the "country of rivers", as over 2.5 million rivers can be found within its territory. The Siberian rivers Ob,Yenisey, Lena and Amur are among the longest rivers in the world. River Volga is the longest river in Europe.

Water pollution

Water pollution is a global problem and also affects Russia. Beautiful rivers of Russia also suffer from it, industrial waste, sewage, pesticides, fertilizers are a serious threat to the river environment and all the living things within it. Solid waste, which is washed up on the banks of rivers everyday, is also a serious issue. Existing water treatment plants in many cities of Russia are unable to keep up with today's standards. Protecting water from pollution is often poorly organized. Therefore, new water treatment technologies are needed.
Concept of the project: applied ecology
We strive to support the government effort in decreasing the levels of aquatic pollution. We attempt to attract the attention of local governments, enterprises and communities, in hope of being able to join our efforts in preservation of aquatic ecosystems. We promote implementation of new technologies and innovations for monitoring of river pollution.
Involving youth in river protection
Another one of our goals is the engagement of young people in activities which involve ecological protection of rivers. We popularize the concept of care, responsibility and respect towards the environment, including water resources, through lectures, seminars for youth and social networks. We organize volunteer campaigns for cleaning of river banks in cities and towns of Russia. These campaigns also include environmental monitoring in various parts of our country.
We believe that our joint efforts will make our rivers cleaner!
For cooperation please contact us by Email:

For cooperation please contact us by Email:
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