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The assembly of non-profit fund "Clean hands, clean rivers" has resulted in a finished event timetable for the year 2019. It includes organization and hosting of at least 10 events in cities of Russia, during which, up to 1 million square meters of coastline will be cleaned of rubbish with the help of volunteers.

One of the main focuses of the "Clean Hands, clean rivers" fund in 2018, was the launch of the ecological festivals. The first one took place in WelikiNovogorod on 15th of September 2018. The festival received support from the city government and regional administration and attracted as much as 10,000 people.

One of the main of the festival was a seminar, made specifically for representatives of local government and active groups of "Innovation in ecological monitoring". Specialists of the fund organized activities for school and college students, during which, they were introduced to modern equipment for water quality diagnostics and attempted their own experiments, when collecting water probes and analysing them.

Another important part of the festival was the voluntary movement for cleaning of the banks of the river Volhv, during which, almost 5 thousand Litres of waste were collected. The main event was a musical festival, which took place close to the river itself. Over 200 different young artists and popular local bands participated in the event.
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For cooperation please contact us by Email: info@rekiruki.ru

For cooperation please contact us by Email: info@rekiruki.ru
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