Ecological Project

Clean Hands, Clean Rivers

Our main goal is to attempt to preserve the river ecosystems and to improve the impression our country makes, changing it from a country of bad roadways into a country of clean rivers.
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Greeting dear friends! We are a part of a non-profit foundation, which aims to prevent further pollution of our rivers. We are building a team of a like-minded enthusiasts to attempt to make the rivers and the banks clean once again. Let's ensure, that our children will not have to step over rubbish, when attempting to swim in a river. That's not how it's supposed to be. Subscribe and follow our social media. Participate in discussions regarding these topics.
We strive to
Preserve the river ecosystems for our future generations.
Raise a generation, that loves and cares for nature and is able to use the enormous potential of the country's water resources.
Bring the attention to the preservation of freshwater – a highly important resource for our country.
Involve the youth into protecting our rivers and river banks.
Introduce new modern technologies for river maintenance by incorporating them into the modern youth society.
Conferences and events
Introduction of modern technology for pollution monitoring.
Involving the youth into a social movement, which aims to clean and protect rivers and its inhabitants
Enforcement of laws for river protection
Support of the development of new technology, which will allow aquatic and biologic balance in the ecosystem
Involving large manufacturers into programs that attempt to protect and keep the rivers clean.
Participation in exhibitions, seminars and conferences will allow us to get our message across to specialists
Concept of the project: applied ecology
We strive to support the government effort in decreasing the levels of aquatic pollution. We attempt to attract the attention of local governments, enterprises and communities, in hope of being able to join our efforts in preservation of aquatic ecosystems. We promote implementation of new technologies and innovations for monitoring of river pollution.
Involving youth in river protection
Another one of our goals is the engagement of young people in activities which involve ecological protection of rivers. We popularize the concept of care, responsibility and respect towards the environment, including water resources, through lectures, seminars for youth and social networks. We organize volunteer campaigns for cleaning of river banks in cities and towns of Russia. These campaigns also include environmental monitoring in various parts of our country.
We believe that our joint efforts will make our rivers cleaner!
For cooperation please contact us by Email:
119049, Moscow, Krymskiy val, 3, bldg.2
phone: +7 (495) 745 22 90 (ext: 111)
Email: info@rekiruki.1u
Tatiana Shishova
Project coordinator
Vladislav Lomakov
Management of social media
Oleg Lomakov
Project leader