"Clean Hands, Clean Rivers" foundation
participated in the RBC forum

On the 11th of September the 6th annual RBC Forum took place in Moscow. Members of Russian Managers Association, representatives of large businesses, scientists and experts have all participated in the forum.

The foundation "Clean hands, clean rivers" took part in the forum as well. The director general of the foundation Oleg Lomakov has presented during "Environmental Vector as a Driver for Sustainable Business Development" session of the forum.

During his presentation, Oleg Lomakov focused on the main areas of the organization's activity, such as the development of a social youth movement, organization of eco-festivals, implementation of the Russia's first project concerning the microplastic pollution and conduction of independent scientific research.

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Prokhor Malyutin
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Vladislav Lomakov
Management of social media
Oleg Lomakov
Project leader