The expedition route will include a section of the Volga river within the local region. The total distance that will be covered is over 370km.
The Foundation will test the quality of water in the upper Volga
April 28
The Public Television of Serpukhov(OTV) published a report on the research expedition, which was organized by the "Clean hands, Clean Rivers".
The Public Television of Serpukhov published an episode dedicated to the research at the Oka River
September 18
On the 11th of September the 6th annual RBC Forum took place in Moscow. Members of Russian Managers Association, representatives of large businesses, scientists and experts have all participated in the forum.
"Clean Hands, Clean Rivers" foundation participated in the RBC forum
September 13
The results of the expedition were presented to the public during a press-conference, which took place on the 11th of June 2019 in Rostov-on-Don.
The amount of microplastics, contained in the Don River has been determined for the first time
June 13
The assembly of non-profit foundation "Clean hands, clean rivers", which took place on October, has resulted in a finished event timetable for the year 2019.
Russia's First non-profit foundation has written an event schedule for 2019
November 23
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